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Lauren Dougherty Named March 2022 Distinguished Alumna

Lauren Dougherty Named March 2022 Distinguished Alumna

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees honored Ms. Lauren Dougherty as the Distinguished Klein ISD Alumna for March. Board Trustee Dustin Creager nominated Ms. Dougherty.

Born and raised in Klein ISD, Ms. Dougherty is a product of Theiss Elementary, Doerre Intermediate, and a proud graduate of Klein High School.

Growing up in a community that nurtured excellence in its students allowed Ms. Dougherty to have experiences in academics, athletics, and fine arts that serve her to this day. 

At Theiss, Ms. Dougherty entered the Gifted & Talented Program in the first grade. She began playing the viola in Fifth Grade Strings and enjoyed competitive sports with her neighborhood friends.

“It means so much to be recognized by the Board. When you prioritize the needs of students over the needs of adults, everyone wins. It’s a selfless task, but the only way this is done is by leaning on people who share priorities,” Dougherty said. “Unless we have the right people in the right places, all the fundraising in the world wouldn’t leave a dent in our school system or our students’ lives. It is necessary we come together as a community and make it known what we prioritize in public education and serve every student to make sure they have access to an amazing education as Klein ISD has always provided.”

During her time at Doerre, Ms. Dougherty was involved in the Accelerated Math Program and participated in academic competitions, as well as playing with the Doerre Orchestra, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track programs.

Doerre is where Ms. Dougherty began to feel encouragement from teachers to push herself toward personal achievement, more specifically – her Orchestra director Ms. Cathy Fishburn and her Math teacher Coach Thornton, who were both instrumental in developing the understanding that achievement is possible as long as she was willing to work hard for it.

At Klein High, Ms. Dougherty’s time and focus was with the unimaginably talented group of musicians and educators that made up the Klein High Honor Orchestra. Dougherty stated the Honor Orchestra was an amazing program and what was achieved under the direction of Mr. Keith Markuson is something that few high school musicians in the country will ever experience.

Her junior and senior year, Ms. Dougherty added “school mascot” and Standleader to her plate. 

“I am convinced the students I was in class with at Doerre and Klein High are some of the smartest people I will ever know, and the talent of my peers pushed me to be successful more than anything else in school,” Dougherty said.  “It truly warms my heart that some of my most beloved teachers are still having an impact on Klein ISD students, including Todd Clearwater, Alicia Engelke, and Leslie Vela.”

We are beyond grateful to Ms. Dougherty for being a treasured alumna of Klein High School and a valued Klein Family member. Please join us in congratulating Lauren Dougherty as the March Alumna of the Month!


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