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Destination Imagination Teams Bring Home Global Titles

Destination Imagination Teams Bring Home Global Titles

Klein ISD Destination Imagination teams return home from Globals as top-ranking competitors, taking first-place spots in two separate categories. 

The Theiss Elementary “Peanut Butter Boba Cobras” and  Fox Elementary “Avocado Loving DInosaurs” faced competitors from North Carolina, Brazil, Illinois, and more! Teams from around the world were no match for our Klein ISD teams as they used their skills to go straight to the top.

“Seeing the creativity and dedication that our Klein ISD students and teachers display throughout their Destination Imagination journey to global-level competition is truly inspiring,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Congratulations to all of our DI Teams on your success—we are so proud of you!”

Destination Imagination is a STEAM competition that encourages students to find solutions through the creative process. Every DI team is tested in 1 of 7 distinct categories and is evaluated by an appraiser. DI introduces students to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving challenges their way. 

“We are extraordinarily proud of our global competitors, and the growth from one  

Global 1st place team in 2021 to our Klein Family’s two top Global 1st place teams: 

Theiss and Fox Elementary,” Director of Advanced Academic Services Kathleen Plott said.  “Additionally, our first ever in Klein: University Level Competitor, Vistas Early College High School, finished in 2nd place Globally!” 

The Theiss Elementary “Peanut Butter Boba Cobras” brought home a first-place title in the Improv Challenge, Festival Frenzy. While Fox Elementary’s “Avocado Loving DInosaurs” tied for first place in the Project Outreach Challenge, For the Future.

Thiess Elementary’s Improv challenge project this year was to explore festivals and tell a story about a goal they’re trying to reach at the chosen festival in two acts. Their engaging display of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Festival in Gloucester, England, with an unplanned goal to teach the audience how to send an old-fashioned email instead of a text, wowed the appraisers. 

Fox Elementary took on the service-learning challenge of creating a project to meet their community’s needs while looking ahead to the future at its positive impact. They aimed to bridge the gap between Dual Language and monolingual students on campus. The appraisers were blown away by this team’s creation of an interactive coloring book and website to bring students together. 

Team managers at their campuses lead student teams to help them navigate the creative problem-solving process and guide them through the year-log competitive process starting at tryouts. With the support of campus teachers and Advanced Academic Coordinator Gordon See, students head to competitions with great confidence. Every school representing Klein ISD in the DI Global competition ranked within the top 20 teams of over 600 competitors.

We are in awe of these gifted students! Congratulations on all of your outstanding work at Globals.

1st Place 

Improv Challenge- Festival Frenzy, Elementary Level

Thiess Elementary’s Peanut Butter Boba Cobras

Team Manager: David Leith

1st Place 

Service Learning/Project Outreach Challenge – For the Future, Elementary Level

Fox Elementary’s Avocado Loving DInosaurs

Team Manager: Lisa Mackey & Anja Mims

2nd Place

Improv Challenge – Festival Frenzy, University Level

Vistas High School’s C.I.A.

Team Manager: Kelly Boscarino 

 Ranked: 11th 

Technical Challenge – Up Close, Secondary Level

Klein Oak High School’s  Purple Mondays

Team Managers: Angel James & Kristy Munger

Ranked: 19th 

Scientific Challenge – Daring Escape, Secondary Level

Klein Oak High School’s  JAZVICs

Team Managers: Angel James & Kristy Munger

Ranked: 20th

Fine Arts Challenge – Tricky Tales, Elementary Level

Benignus Elementary’s DI in DIsguise 

Team Managers: Jennifer Smith & Kelly Hammons


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