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Teacher Feature: Mayra Meza, Klenk Elementary

Teacher Feature: Mayra Meza, Klenk Elementary

When Ms. Mayra Meza’s mother, a 15-year Klein ISD Nutrition and Food Service veteran, suggested she apply for a teaching position in the Klein Forest Family of Schools, it didn’t take much convincing.

“I first heard of Klein from my mother. She always talked about how proud she felt working alongside great people and the students she served every day because it felt like family,” Ms. Meza said. “Once I joined Klenk Elementary, I knew exactly what she meant!”

Upon first meeting Ms. Meza, a second-grade Dual Language teacher, her warmth and gentle nature radiate in the classroom—something that surely draws her students close to her.

“I always knew that I wanted to do something that would help people. After becoming a mother, I realized that my life’s calling was to work with children,” Ms. Meza said. “I want to be the teacher for all students that I would want for my very own children.”

As a former English learner, Ms. Meza knows that a key to student success is allowing students to feel safe and respected in their classroom environment.

“I know firsthand the challenges students may face as they attend schools in which they may not fully understand the language, feel seen, or accepted,” Ms. Meza said. “My goal and hope is that my students see me as someone who believes they can and will succeed. I hope they value the power of being bilingual and are proud of their beginnings.”

Ms. Meza’s passions truly lie in finding ways for her learners to shine.

“Within the Dual Language program, I want my students to be validated for the rich language and unique experiences they bring into the classroom,” Ms. Meza said. “I get to hone in on what my students’ strengths are and leverage that to push them to succeed, all while honoring their backgrounds.”

With no hesitation, Ms. Meza was quick to credit the phenomenal educators surrounding her as her source of inspiration. 

“I see how hard our teams at Klenk work to be content experts, data gurus, and student relationship-driven educators,” Ms. Meza said. “I am grateful to be learning from them as well as dedicated leaders, like my principal, who empower others to seek opportunities for growth and leadership.”

After spending time in Klein, Ms. Meza has fully embraced the community, and now both of her daughters attend the school where she teaches.

“Klein ISD gave me a chance to become the teacher I am today. I love being here because I love that we continue to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be for the community we serve,” Ms. Meza said. “My daughters have and continue to receive the best education because of the teachers here at Klenk. I know my girls are in great hands.”

Ms. Meza, we are grateful for the way you choose to keep your passion for growing lifelong, confident learners at the center of all you do. Thank you for being such a valuable member of our Klein Family.


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