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Klein ISD Celebrates National Arts in Education Week

Klein ISD Celebrates National Arts in Education Week

We’re heading into National Arts in Education Week, and our District is thrilled to celebrate all things in the world of art and education. 

Our Visual Art and Fine Arts Programs are second-to-none, and a testament to the care and determination instilled into the arts here at Klein ISD. The talent of our outstanding students is impressive, of course, but it could not be done without the remarkable educators guiding them to success from behind the scenes. 

This week, we highlight ten individuals who have gone above and beyond, making Klein ISD an excellent place for students to pursue their passion for the arts.

Jensine Dalfrey, Bearkadette Assistant Director – Klein High School

“Klein ISD is not only home for me, but for my family as well. My mother and sister also work in the district. It has been an honor to be back home and continue my career as a Klein ISD employee.”

Jesse Espinosa, Director of Bands – Klein Forest High School

“I’m absolutely grateful to be in a setting where students are at the center of our WHY. I’m ecstatic to be so welcomed into the Klein ISD Family!”

Daryle Freeman, Director of Choirs – Klein Oak High School

“I moved to Klein ISD because I have always admired the way the district supported the Arts Programs here.”

Robin Welch-Wood, Director of Theatre Klein Collins High School

“From the beginning, Klein ISD felt like a family to me. I enjoyed the people I worked with as well as the district I was in. It became a “home” that I wanted to stay at.”

Hanson Yong, Assistant Orchestra Director – Klein Cain High School

“I chose Klein ISD because I’ve heard so many good things about the support for fine arts programs. I wanted to be part of a growing and dynamic orchestra program in a district that would support my growth as a teacher and my students’ growth as musicians and people.”

Dr. Vivian Fridley-Hereford, Art Teacher – Kleb Intermediate

“Art was where my spirit wanted to explore teaching – the art of instruction – learning how to excite kids about learning.  It quickly became apparent that Klein sincerely supported the arts; retained great art teachers; valued longevity in administration; and held down-to-earth family values.  Through the years, Klein has retained these values.  Given the multitude of changes in education – Klein is steadfast.  It is simply a great place to raise a family.”

Stetson Begin, Head Band Director, Krimmel Intermediate

“Since being employed as a staff member, Klein has felt so comfortable and welcoming. At Krimmel, we are a huge family and lean on each other a lot. I love the small-town feel of Klein and the genuine neighborhood feel of our hallways.”

Brandi Lawrence, Art Teacher – Bernshausen Elementary

“Klein ISD is the most magical place to work! After being in a couple other districts, this place is HIGH above the rest!  Administration fully supports the arts, teachers, and the students! As a teacher I feel 100% valued, listened to, have opportunities to grow as a leader, and hands down have the support needed to be successful in the classroom.”

Diana Cooper, Music Teacher – Fox Elementary

“My husband and I moved to the Houston area from Lubbock after I finished my master’s degree. He got a teaching job at Klein Forest High School, teaching Theatre Arts. I began teaching elementary music when our children started Kindergarten in KISD. Klein has been home for us ever since!”

Jenny Todd, Music Teacher, Nitsch Elementary

“Klein ISD’s music education philosophy is almost identical to my own. Here, I feel like the arts are truly valued.”

Teachers, thank you for all you do for our district every day. Your love, care, and dedication toward students, staff, and the #KleinFamily community is very much appreciated.


Klein ISD is AAA in Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

Best Public Schools in Texas
Klein ISD has an established 84-year history of excellence and innovation in education with unique pathways for EVERY student in our care to ensure learners are college, career, military, and life ready. With recognition for STEM, athletics, fine arts, and academics from highly-esteemed organizations, it is clear that Our Shared Vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose is a reality for EVERY student who walks through our doors.

About Klein ISD
Klein ISD is a school district in Klein, Texas, located in northwestern Harris County. The district spans approximately 88 square miles and serves more than 53,000 students in 33 elementary schools, 10 intermediate campuses, one high school program of choice, and 5 high schools.

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