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Teacher Feature: Kelsey Blanscet, Klein High School

Teacher Feature: Kelsey Blanscet, Klein High School

Ms. Kelsey Blanscet is the queen of collaboration! The Associate Band Director, Music Theory Teacher, and Klein High School Fine Arts Department Chair is known for her passion for music and her commitment to student involvement. 

Ms. Blanscet has been a Klein ISD teacher at Klein High School for seven years. In addition to serving as the Associate Band Director, she also conducts the Pit Orchestra for the annual musical production and is a sponsor of Klein High’s chapter of Texas Future Music Educators.

Music runs in Ms. Blanscet’s family as her mother and grandmother both played the Saxophone. Ms. Blanscet’s music journey started as a young child with Piano lessons, and her love for music only grew after that. 

“I was encouraged by my friends to join the band in the sixth grade,” Ms. Blanscet said. “I selected the Saxophone and took to it naturally. After leaving middle school and transitioning to high school, I was met by a team of talented band directors and a welcoming student leadership team who supported me from day one.” 

Ms. Blanscet loves to help her students stay engaged by implementing their creative involvement during the marching season. 

“I write a lot of the choreography and visual sequences for our marching show and seek student input throughout the process to ensure that the movements are possible and engaging from a performer’s standpoint,” Ms. Blanscet said. 

A glance into Ms. Blanscet’s classroom reveals a warm environment of cohesion and collaboration. The educator fosters a space where students can share and value their creative input in whatever they do!

“Our classes focus a lot on collaboration and group accountability. We stress that every student, regardless of instrument or performance role, in our program is an important piece of the puzzle, and we are better for having them with us,” Ms. Blanscet said. “Some students in my band were part of the ensemble recordings I used in my grad school application and have participated in each project I completed. It has been amazing having them be part of my continued education.”

While this educator stays busy with all things Fine Arts at Klein High, she appreciates the department and the school that supports her.

“I love our collaborative team dynamic in the Klein High Fine Arts department! I love that I can head to our orchestra directors and get their help recruiting a harpist for a piece I want to perform with my band, get input from our choir directors on how to facilitate sight singing activities with my AP Music Theory students, or get a crash-course in color theory from our tech theatre director so I can pick the best colors for our marching band props,” Ms. Blanscet said. 

What a dynamic and dedicated educator! Ms. Blanscet, your Klein Family, is grateful for your unwavering care towards our students and staff.


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