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Teacher Feature – Shahin Pour, Kaiser Elementary

Teacher Feature – Shahin Pour, Kaiser Elementary

From the medical field to space exploration, Kaiser Elementary fifth-grade teacher Mr. Shahin Pour found the most rewarding work is what happens right in his classroom. 

“NASA was a childhood dream come true for me,” Mr. Pour said. “Ever since I was a kid, I would always look up at the stars and wonder what else could be out there. While I loved every second of my time working there, I felt I could do more by helping pave the way for future scientists and astronomers. I always tell my students that they could potentially be the first person ever to step foot on Mars.”

Well into his seventh year of teaching, Mr. Pour has turned his curiosity, imagination, and passion for learning into a tool to grow young thinkers and difference-makers right here in Klein ISD.

“If I can spark the mind of even one child who will go on to discover something new for humanity, I know I’ve helped change the world,” Mr. Pour said. 

With tremendous support from his fellow teachers and administration, Mr. Pour has flourished as an educator and has found his perfect profession. 

“Someone once told me that one key to happiness is putting yourself in the service of others. Cosmic discoveries are great, and there is nobility in so many careers, but there is something about education; a feeling that I’ve never gotten before from any other profession,” Mr. Pour said. “If I can make learning fun for students, school suddenly becomes a place they can’t wait to go to. Creating those relationships with my students, making those bonds, and seeing the expression on their faces when they finally understand that science concept or math equation; no other profession can come close to achieving those feelings for me.”

While his choice to move to Klein began with his search for a premier school district with abundant opportunities for his family, his desire to stay in our community and teach in our schools stemmed from the good people he has met here.

“There’s a reason I have never chosen to teach in any other district,” Mr. Pour said. “Klein ISD feels like a tight-knit community. Some of the best people I’ve met, from teachers and faculty to the parents of the students I teach, have all come from Klein ISD. When you are part of the Klein ISD community, you feel a sense of welcomeness and warmth. There is a huge human element here, and to me, that is very important.”

When he’s not in the classroom, you can find Mr. Pour spending time with his family, peering into his telescope, playing tennis, or traveling.

We are so thankful for Mr. Pour’s commitment to his students and his love for teaching. Your Klein Family can’t wait to see you continue making a difference in the lives of your Kaiser Cowboys!


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