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Klein Forest Crafts World’s Largest Homecoming Mum

Klein Forest Crafts World’s Largest Homecoming Mum

In celebration of homecoming week, Klein Forest Floral Design classes participated in a statewide challenge to create the largest mum possible to garner excitement and school pride. 

As a result, the Eagle’s Nest now holds the unofficial record for World’s Largest Mum, measuring a whopping 24.5 feet long!

“All floral teachers in the state of Texas are in a Facebook group where we share ideas and brag about our students with one another,” Klein Forest Agriculture Science Teacher Ms. Sarah Hadley said. “The trend this year has been which high school can make the largest homecoming mum!”

After a total construction time of five days, lots of cardboard, hot glue, and butcher paper, Ms. Hadley and her students had one last mum obstacle to work through. The mum was originally 44.8 feet long, much too long to hang from the second floor.

“It was not easy hanging the mum up. We had at least 20 students help us bring our mum—30 pounds of paper and cardboard— from the first floor to the second floor, but we made it shorter and successfully hung it,” Klein Forest senior Linda Hernandez said. “We realized our hard work paid off when teachers and students would walk in and be so amazed at how big this mum was.”

Though difficulties arose while creating this iconic symbol of a Texas homecoming, the most memorable moments were how our Golden Eagles came together to get the job done.

“We bonded and had fun working on this because it was difficult, and we had to learn how to collaborate to complete this task. I talked to people and made new memories,” Klein Forest senior Melanie Cardona said. “We were all proud and excited with how it turned out when we were finally finished. We were ecstatic when we saw the finished product; this was an experience I never thought I’d have, and it has made the beginning of our year fantastic.”

After close to three hours, students were able to hang up the mum and get the student body excited about homecoming!

“We had to put all our brains together to figure out how and where to hang our giant mum. Lots of time and energy went into making our giant mum, but we all learned so much, and I love that we worked so well together as a team,” Ms. Hadley said.

We are so proud of our Klein Forest Floral Design students and Ms. Hadley for taking on such an enormous project and showcasing what school spirit is all about—bringing everyone together. 

Our Klein Family hopes our Golden Eagles have had a wonderful homecoming week and a great turnout for the upcoming homecoming game!


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