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Klein ISD Steam Express Presents Science Fiction Space Challenge

Klein ISD Steam Express Presents Science Fiction Space Challenge

Space Science Fiction movies have engaged audiences throughout the world for over a century. Writers have created masterful stories that center around technology and spacecraft of the future. During the 2023-24 school year, the STEAM Express will bring the innovations of Space Sci-Fi to Klein ISD.  

Challenges will be in several categories of the various STEM fields in relation to Space Sci-Fi. 

Even though each competition is related to a specific part of STEAM, you will have to identify ways that other parts of STEAM are integrated.


1) Space Creatures: Students will create a model of a creature from another planet they have imagined. Please describe what this space creature eats, where it lives, and what adaptations it has in order to survive on this planet. A 3-dimensional model is required for this entry. 


2) Commercials/Advertising: Students will create a commercial or promotional video for a space movie or series

–1 minute or less

–Creative use of technology (Animation and special effects are encouraged)

–Must be school appropriate, including dress standards


3) Spacecraft: Students will create a model of a spacecraft. This could be a larger ship that transports hundreds of people, or something smaller that carries only a few or is unmanned. This spacecraft must be innovative and have features required for space life, including ways to defend themself against others. 


4) Space Device: Students will create a model of a space device that is found inside or outside the spacecraft. Here are a few examples, but not limited to, of the types of devices you could create:



–Refueling station


–Food device


5) Interior Design on a Spacecraft: Create a 3-Dimensional model of a room on a spacecraft. This could be a staff room like the “bridge” on Star Trek, or possibly another room that has technology associated with it. You can be as creative as you want with the type of rooms you create, as long as it falls within the standards of Klein.


6) Sci-Fi Fashion Design: Students will create a costume or outfit for a person sent on a mission in space. This outfit must represent a sci-fi mission, and not one that is realistic. This costume can be done digitally or drawn on paper. 


7) Sci-Fi novel: Students will write a short sci-fi story that involves math. Use your creativity to use math to save a space fleet or a world, or to solve a problem. Please use this rubric for guidance. 

Register for this competition

Please fill out this form to show the areas that you are interested in. This will help us in our planning, and also give us the ability to reach out and support you while you work on your projects.

Rules and information needed

  • All projects must be your original work. You cannot steal the intellectual property of another person. 
  • Students will compete against those of the same school level as them. 
  • Students can choose to work with another student in Klein, but this is not necessary. Please limit groups to no more than three. 
  • Winners in each category will have their projects displayed on the STEAM Express next year for all students and community members to see. Winners will also be featured on social media, and will receive a certificate. One winner will be chosen from each of the eight categories for every grade level (Elementary, Intermediate, and High School). We may take more than one winner from each grade level depending on the amount of space available. 
  • All challenges will be due by January 31, 2023 by 11:59 pm that night.
  • 3-D models should not exceed these dimensions (16” L  X 12” W X 12” H). 3-D models can be displayed electronically if you use a program that can display something in 3-D form. (ex: Blender, CAD)
  • All questions about the project can be directed to Marc Williams, the STEAM Express Coordinator, at
  • All projects should reflect the honor code of Klein ISD, including dress, speech, and actions.
  • You can be as creative as you would like with your project. 

How to turn in your project

Please turn in your challenge by using this link. Due by January 31, 2023.

*Projects will be turned in by you uploading a picture or video. Please give a good description so we understand everything you want us to know. Winners of each category will be asked to turn in the actual project. You can ask other departments if your project will be acceptable to use with them (Science, GT, etc…) if your project is not chosen. 

How will the project be judged?

See link for details.


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