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Klein ISD Theatre Students ‘Break a Leg’ at Texas Thespian Festival

<strong>Klein ISD Theatre Students ‘Break a Leg’ at Texas Thespian Festival</strong>

Congratulations to our Klein ISD high school theatre troupes on their recent success at the Texas Thespian Festival

Texas Thespians hosted over 10,000 attendees at San Antonio and Grapevine festivals the week before Thanksgiving break. Students showcased their skills, competed with the best in the state, and earned scholarships for their performances.

“Every time I take students to the Texas State Thespian Festival, I walk away with joy in my heart,” Klein Collins Theatre Director Robin Welch-Wood said. “I am so proud to see my students surrounded by, learning from, and sharing with many other talented and excited Theatre students and teachers from around the state.”

Students like Alex Dore of Klein High School were excited to attend the festival and looked forward to all the skills they would add to their arsenal by the end of the event.

“Throughout my high school experience, I have participated in three Texas Thespian Festivals! The opportunity to attend these workshops helped me gain the skills necessary for my college journey,” Dore said. “Other than the acting and social benefits earned from my Texas Thespian Festival participation, I had the opportunity to audition for a Texas Thespian scholarship and was granted $500 for my excellence in performing and International Thespian Society servitude. I am grateful for this scholarship as it is something I desperately needed and will help me pursue my college dream.”

Congratulations to the following students for their success at the festival. Our Klein Family is so proud of you. 

Klein High School

Noel Best: Monologue – National Qualifier

Michael Alex Dore: Monologue – National Qualifier

Caroline Jacobson: Solo Musical – National Qualifier

Victoria Martinez: Solo Musical – National Qualifier

Emma Heinz, Heritage Wilhelmsen: Duet Musical – National Qualifier

Adah Chamberlain, Greyson Guzman: Duet Musical – National Qualifier

Grace Anto, Julian Nanez, Macey Vasquez: Group Dance – National Qualifier

Davy Humphreys: Stage Management – National Qualifier

Klein High Troupe: All Star Troupe Display – Winner

Alex Dore: Texas Thespians Scholarship $500

Ashton White: Texas Thespians Scholarship $1,000

Klein Forest High School

Sophia Castillo: Solo Musical – National Qualifier 

Klein Oak High School

Gabriella Garza, Jessica Torres: Duet Acting – National Qualifier

Natalia Vazquez: Theatrical Marketing – National Qualifier

Klein Oak High Troupe: All Star Troupe Display – Winner

Klein Collins High School

Michael Pruski: Short Film – National Qualifier

Joshua Tonsfeldt: Solo Musical – National Qualifier

Talia Turlich: Solo Musical – National Qualifier

Aiya Pader: Solo Musical – National Qualifier

Dylan Burke: Solo Dance – National Qualifier

Marnie Kapich: Hair and Makeup – National Qualifier

Taylor Washington: Texas Thespians Scholarship $1,000


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