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Community Members Impact Students’ Lives Through Mentorship

Community Members Impact Students’ Lives Through Mentorship

For many, having a mentor is an important part of their lives, someone they can turn to in their time of need.

In Klein ISD, students can be paired with community mentors to help them navigate learning and character-building experiences.

Klein ISD Mentor Mr. Tom Mayne understands the value of mentoring and how it can positively impact a student. Since last school year, he has worked with Austin, an elementary student.

“In mentoring, there are things on the surface that you can help change, correct, or encourage,” Mr. Mayne said. “The most important part is being present to support these kids.”

Mr. Mayne visits Austin at his elementary school weekly, where they can sit together and learn or simply talk and play games. He has been working with Austin since last school year and has seen him grow in his confidence.

“I get the most joy as a mentor to see Austin respond in simple conversation, working through math problems, reading, or tossing a ball together and learning to play catch,” Mr. Mayne said. “He likes to succeed. Hence anything we do to accomplish this brings a big smile to him.”

Austin is learning and growing with his mentor, and they have also formed a special bond. He looks forward to his time with Mr. Mayne and the things he can learn from him.

“We have a special handshake that we do when we first see each other and when we leave,” Austin said. “Mr. Mayne teaches me how to be a good person, and he teaches me new things.”

Like Mr. Mayne, community member and parent of Klein ISD graduates JoAnn Chiu, who has been a mentor in the district since 2008, has found the experience fulfilling and encourages others to become mentors.

“Don’t be afraid to be a mentor, and don’t talk yourself out of it,” Mrs. Chiu said. “There are gifts that you have that you can share with your mentee.”

Mrs. Chiu has been able to bond with her mentee, Kylie, over their love for their large families. It turns out that mentees are often missing pieces in their mentors’ lives, too.

“Kylie just makes me so happy, she was my first mentee after the pandemic,” Mrs.  Chiu said. “Since I hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with my grandkids, it was nice to spend time with Kylie, and I love our time together.”

When Kylie is with her mentor, you can see that she greatly admires and appreciates the quality time they spend together.

“I would get my friends Mrs. Chiu as a mentor because she is great at it, and she helps you learn,” Kylie said.

Happy mentoring month to Mrs. Chiu, Mr. Mayne, and all of our wonderful mentors here at Klein ISD! We are grateful to our mentors who help our students learn and grow.

If you are interested in becoming a  Klein ISD mentor, please visit for more information.


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