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Record-Breaking $667K Raised During 54th Klein ISD FFA Livestock & Project Show

Record-Breaking $667K Raised During 54th Klein ISD FFA Livestock & Project Show

KLEIN, Texas – Earlier this month, 596 Klein ISD Agriscience Pathway students and FFA exhibitors proudly showcased 1,007 projects at the 54th Annual Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show on February 7-11, 2023. 

Community support was incredible, with many new buyers participating in the auction and numerous records broken this year. The 2023 auction and total sales surpassed historical records totaling $667,178. This year’s auction was the largest on record, totaling $285,700.

“Each year, our FFA students and teachers blow me away with their tireless commitment and effort in preparation for their Livestock and Project Shows,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “The immense amount of hard work and dedication our FFA kids and their dedicated teachers devote for months prior to the auction is truly commendable. Klein ISD is so thankful to have such passionate teachers, supportive families, and a highly engaged community who believes in the importance of our Agriscience Pathway.”

2023 Klein ISD FFA Livestock & Project Show

In addition to gaining rigorous academic content through the Agriscience curriculum, participation in the National FFA Organization makes a positive and impactful difference in the lives of our students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, college and career success.

“Agriscience students have the opportunity to participate in the co-curricular National FFA organization, which makes classroom instruction from the multiple Klein ISD Ag pathways come to life through hands-on experiential learning,” Klein ISD Director of Career and Technical Education Deborah Bronner-Westerduin said. “The 1,007 projects exhibited during this week-long event are a testament to that. The majority of these projects have involved months of tireless hours and dedication on the part of students, all masterfully balanced while managing rigorous academics and, in the case of many, multiple other school-related activities. I couldn’t be prouder of all the students who participated in this year’s show!”

Congratulations to our FFA students and all who supported them on a successful and fantastic FFA Livestock and Project Show and Auction!

Grand Champion Floral Design
Uriel De Los Santos
Klein Forest High School

Grand Champion Ag Science Fair
Reven Brummond
Klein High School

Grand Champion Lamb
Elizabeth Brown
Klein Collins High School

Grand Champion Goat
Reven Brummond
Klein High School

Grand Champion Breeding Beef
Ryan Smee
Klein Collins High School

Grand Champion Swine
Ava Carran
Klein Cain High School

Grand Champion Horticulture
Ryan Balusek
Klein Oak High School
Grand Champion Turkey
Reven Brummond
Klein High School

Grand Champion Broiler
Tori Petrovich
Klein Collins High School

Grand Champion Fryer
Austin Krenek
Klein Cain High School

Grand Champion Photography
Braxton Rech
Klein Collins High School
Grand Champion Ag Mechanics
Klein Oak High School

Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit
Janae LeMalle
Klein High School

Grand Champion Breeding Poultry
Gracie Rawlinson
Klein Collins High School

Grand Champion Steer
Linda Hernandez
Klein Forest High School

Results from the week-long event can be found on the Show website

2023 Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show Totals
2023 Show Totals by Transaction Type
Transaction TypeSum Of Amount
Tent Sale$181,788
Add-On Sales (as of 02/13/2023)$178,415
54th  Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show
Auction Grand and Reserve Champions 
Grand Champion Floral DesignDe Los Santos, UrielKFAvenue J Embroidery$1,200
Grand Champion Fryer RabbitsKrenek, AustinKCainStockinger Show Supply$5,000
Grand Champion BroilersPetrovich, ToriKCCampus Kids, LLC$6,000
Grand Champion TurkeyBrummond, RevenKMounsey Farms$9,000
Grand Champion LambBrown, ElizabethKCTeamwork Construction$6,000
Grand Champion GoatBrummond, RevenKMounsey Farms$8,000
Grand Champion SwineCarran, AvaKCainFirehouse Construction$7,000
Grand Champion Horticulture – Other VegetableBalusek, RyanKOGuerra, Larissa$2,500
Grand Champion SteerHernandez, LindaKFMatthews, Sean$14,000
Reserve Champion Floral DesignLopez, DulceKFAvenue J Embroidery$2,600
Reserve Champion BroilersRaven, BraedonKLindeman, Chris$2,500
Reserve Champion TurkeyRaven, BraedonKHEB – Champion Forest$2,700
Reserve Champion LambScott, BreeKNorthwest Animal Hospital$3,500
Reserve Champion GoatGoetz, HannahKCGuerra, Larissa$3,500
Reserve Champion SwineHickman, HaydenKOTNG Utility Corp$8,000
Reserve Champion Horticulture -Plate VegetableHood, TaylorKOTNG Utility Corp$1,500
Reserve Champion SteerVazquez, PaulinaKFTeamwork Construction$7,700
54th Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project ShowNon Auction Grand and Reserve Champions
Grand Champion Ag MechanicsGraham Wristers, Hayden Hickman, and Landon WilliamsKO
Reserve Champion Ag MechanicsEric Solomon II, Robert Guevara, & Cameron WatthuberKCain
Grand Champion Breeding BeefRyan SmeeKC
Reserve Champion Breeding BeefCheyene DurheimKO
Grand Champion AgriScience FairReven BrummondK
Reserve Champion  AgriScience FairElizabeth Gaus-SchmidtKO
Grand Champion Breeding RabbitsJanae LeMalleK
Reserve Champion Breeding RabbitsOwen AndersonKCain
Grand Champion Breeding PoultryGracie RawlinsonKC
Reserve Champion  Breeding PoultryEmma GrothK
2023 Record-Breaking Auctions Sales
Old RecordNew RecordBuyerProjectStudent
$8,000$9,000Mounsey FarmsGrand Champion TurkeyReven Brummond- Klein High
$7,000$8,000Mounsey FarmsGrand Champion GoatReven Brummond- Klein High
$6,000$8,000TNG Utility Corp.Reserve Champion SwineHayden Hickman- Klein Oak
$4,000$4,500Stockinger Show SupplyReserve Champion FryersAbigail Williams- Klein Collins
54th  Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show
Top Ten Auction Buyers
Mounsey Farms$20,050
Teamwork Construction$16,900
Campus Kids, LLC$14,700
TNG Utility Corp$14,400
Matthews, Sean$14,000
Stockinger Show Supply$12,500
Barnyard Buddies$11,500
Tonatco Cryogenics$10,000
Coastwide Marine Services, LLC$9,100
54th Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show Top Ten Overall Buyers
(Auction, Add On and Freezer Sale)
Mounsey Farms$30,100
Campus Kids LLC$24,875
Teamwork Construction$24,200
TNG Utility Corp$24,055
Stockinger Show Supply$17,225
Barnyard Buddies$15,650
Tonatco Cryogenics$15,200
Klein ISD FFA Livestock and Project Show Totals
5 Year Historical
YearAuctionTotal Show
2023$ 285,700.00$ 667,178
2022$ 257,750.00$ 496,313
2021$ 163,500.00$ 340,253
2020$ 172,850.00$ 373,219
2019$ 152,650.00$ 323,226


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