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38 Klein ISD Students Recognized by National Merit Program

38 Klein ISD Students Recognized by National Merit Program

Update: We have just gotten word that all 8 of our Semifinalists are moving on to the next round as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program. Your Klein ISD Community is cheering you on! Congratulations!

Eight Klein ISD students have been named National Merit Scholarship semifinalists, and 30 have been named as commended. Semifinalists will move on to the next round of the National Merit Scholarship competition, going up against students from across the Nation. 

The eight semifinalist students will also have the opportunity to earn any of the 7,250 National Merit Scholarships worth nearly $28 million. 

“I am so proud of these exemplary scholars, who have worked so hard to achieve this incredible academic success,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Every one of these students is exemplifying Klein ISD’s tradition of excellence in academics and truly showcases the power of hard work, grit, and determination.”

NameRankingHigh School 
Patrick S. AlbertsonCommendedKlein High 
Elliot N. AndersSemifinalistKlein Oak
Julio Montolongo BlancoCommendedKlein Oak
Michael Carroll CommendedKlein Oak
Samaya D. CastroSemifinalistKlein High
Ray Y. ChenCommendedKlein High 
Calvin K. Chiu SemifinalistKlein Cain 
Jonathan ChuCommended Klein Cain
Angelina DoCommendedKlein Forest
Kevin P. GibbsSemifinalistKlein Collins
Jacob Goodwin Commended Klein Cain
Emily L. HancockCommendedKlein High 
Nathan R. HobbsCommendedKlein High 
Ina JaegyCommended Klein Oak 
Eman JamalCommended Klein High 
David P. JohnsenCommended Klein High 
Sunjung KimCommended Klein Cain
James LiuCommended Klein Cain
Jenna MahmoudCommended Klein Cain
Afrin MominCommended Klein Oak
Natalie MontalbanoCommended Klein Cain
Harrison P. MooreCommended Klein High 
Callum MurphyCommended Klein Cain
Alishba G. NathaniSemifinalistKlein High
Jason L. NguyenCommendedKlein High 
Robert RobertsonCommendedKlein Oak
Sara RunestrandCommendedKlein Oak
Smruti SannabhadtiCommendedKlein Oak
Fagun M. ShahSemifinalistKlein High
Rabiya ShajiCommended Klein Cain
Saif SheikhCommended Klein Cain
Lillian SharpCommendedKlein Oak
Riya TomCommendedKlein Oak
Abdullah UsmanSemifinalistKlein High
Madison K. WadeCommendedKlein High 
Ciaran WilliamsCommendedKlein Oak
Joshua C. WrobbelSemifinalistKlein Cain
Justin YeCommendedKlein Oak

The application process for students is rigorous. Semifinalists who are considered for the Merit Scholarship award have to fulfill several requirements to move on to be finalists. Students must have exemplary academic standing, have an endorsement from a high school official, write an essay and provide SAT and ACT scores. 

“I am honored to recognize these academically talented students,” Advanced Academic Services Director Kathleen Plott said. “Our students have gone the distance with academic rigor and commitment to study, resulting in a highly successful performance that is a well-deserved, nationally recognized distinction.”

Students who have qualified for the semifinalist standing represent less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors, including the highest-scoring entrants in each state. All Merit Scholar winners are selected based on their skills, accomplishments, and potential to be successful in their post-high school studies. 

Congratulations to each of these gifted scholars! We are honored to have students like you who showcase what it means to live out your purpose. 


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