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Leslie Howell Named Elementary District Teacher of the Year

One thing everyone knows about Brill Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Leslie Howell, is that she’s got a heart of gold and a true love for teaching kids how to read. 

From breaking down barriers in her dual language classroom to battling—and defeating!—cancer, Ms. Howell has shown she’s capable of just about anything and genuinely deserves the prestigious recognition of being named Klein ISD’s 2023 Elementary District Teacher of the Year. 

“Ms. Howell’s dedication, love for teaching, and always endearing humility and compassion is part of what makes her such an incredible teacher and leader,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Ms. Howell demonstrates what it means to be student-centered and truly does what’s best for kids every day, and that’s why it’s such a pleasure and privilege to honor her as our 2023 Elementary District Teacher of the Year. Congratulations, Ms. Howell!”

When it comes to the classroom and community, Brill Elementary Principal Ellen Hodge sees Ms. Howell’s successes in real-time. 

“Ms. Howell leads from a place of kindness, integrity, and gratitude. She creates highly engaging classroom environments where students thrive and develop a love for learning while growing as leaders,” Principal Hodge said. “Her passion also extends beyond the classroom, as she is a student-focused leader who has created strong community partnerships by serving on a multitude of committees, programs, and outreach engagements, all of which focus on the growth of our Broncos. She is an anchor of our dual language program and has helped build a campus community that celebrates our rich diversity.”

Ms. Howell’s colleagues could not be more proud to see their partner, friend, and role model recognized for all she does.

“What makes Leslie a great teacher is that she genuinely loves and enjoys being a teacher every single day,” Brill Elementary teacher Ms. Jazmin Flores said. “She always has a mindset of putting her students first and has the best intentions for them. I love that she advocates for herself, her coworkers, students, and their families. After witnessing her successful battle with cancer, she is definitely a powerhouse woman and someone I look up to.”

When you take a trip to Brill Elementary, you’ll see that the “Ms. Howell fan club” clearly includes students, too.

“What I love most about Ms. Howell is, she’s very kind to everyone, and she teaches me a lot,” Brill Elementary student Charly said. “Ms. Howell makes me feel safe and important.”

Congratulations to Brill Elementary teacher and our Klein ISD 2023 Elementary District Teacher of the Year, Ms. Leslie Howell! Thank you for all you do for our students and families—we’re so thankful to have you in our Klein Family!


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