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Unleashing Creativity: Meet the Artist Who Inspires Artists

Unleashing Creativity: Meet the Artist Who Inspires Artists

Klein Intemediate’s Ms. Tu-Anh Pham has always been a member of the Klein Family. This Klein ISD alumna returned to teach at the Intermediate school she once attended, teaching Art in her childhood classroom. Ms. Pham is excited to be able to invest in the next generation of Falcons and has been doing so for the last 11 years. 

After graduating from the University of Houston, Ms. Pham worked many art gallery jobs. She quickly learned it was not fulfilling and set her sights on teaching, where she felt she’d find her calling and make a difference. 

“I was a student at Klein ISD, so it was easy to stay in the district. I got this job through my old teacher,” Ms. Pham said. “She was teaching here at Klein Intermediate and leaving for another job. She said I’d be perfect for the job. It was exhilarating.”

She promptly found fulfillment in teaching intermediate students and never looked back. 

“My students are so creative. I love seeing their artwork, and I’m always learning from them,” Ms. Pham said. “Every year, I try to do a new project, and I love seeing all the different ways they solve visual problems and come up with crazy ideas. I love seeing their thinking and learning processes; I love seeing all the different types of artwork that they make.”

Though teaching her Falcons to love Art is rewarding, Ms. Pham enjoys the little joys her students bring along the way.

“I love seeing my students come back to visit or even when my fellow teachers have told me that their child (my student) still loves art, even in high school,” Ms. Pham said. “I especially love to teach eighth graders because they’re going on to high school, and I remember how hard it was to figure out where you wanted to go in life as a high school student. So I try to help my students figure out if Art is their passion before heading to high school. Most students don’t know that Art can be a good career option.”

Ms. Pham hopes that her students are left with an impact after leaving her classroom and that they realize that Art is so much more than just painting or drawing.

“I hope my students will appreciate that Art is not just throwing things together; it’s a way of thinking and can help you think outside of the box,” Ms. Pham said. “It’s not just an elective. I think Art helps build character and a well-rounded lifestyle.”

Ms. Pham enjoys dabbling in Photography and runs a business when she is not teaching. The educator also enjoys visiting art museums and loves the work of artist Henri Matisse and photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

Thanks, Ms. Pham, for the hard work and dedication you put into teaching your students and for fostering their love for Art. The #KleinFamily appreciates all you do.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week and every week, we celebrate the wonderful people who call Klein, TX home – the #greatestofallklein, our teachers!


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