Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Tech Tip of the Week: Colors Galore!

Looking for ways to make your presentations pop? HERE are 2 easy tools that allow you to match colors to become an expert designer!  

Blended Learning

As a veteran teacher, I am always looking for a way to adapt my lesson plans to help my students be successful. When I...

Tech Tip: Making Animated GIFs

Making Animated GIFs

Tech Tip: Google Chrome Updates

Google Chrome just turned 10, and with it came lots of cool updates! Click the link to learn more about the new look, smart...

Tech Tip: How to Link Sections in Schoology

Do you teach the same subject multiple times? Do you have a course with multiple rosters? Teachers can link sections so they don't have...

Activating Prior Knowledge for Reading Engagement

My love of reading comes from being able to relate to the characters. When my teacher read A Chair for my Mother, Rosa's situation...

Teacher Tech Tip

Your course pic in Schoology is the first thing your students will see when clicking on Courses. Whether you have your classes linked all...

Schoology in the Elementary Classroom

Schoology in the Elementary Classroom Written by Karen Goble Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited to begin our second year of using...

Flipgrid Fever is in Full Effect!

Welcome back, teachers! As you are preparing for your students to enter your classroom this year, you want to make sure you have all...

Welcome Back From the Digital Learning Team

The Digital Learning Team includes Alysa Cozart, Karen Goble, and Meaghan O’Hara. We are passionate about leveraging technology to innovate, connect, share, and enhance...